Hitting the Slopes Together

Racing down steep mountain slopes with nothing but the sound of the wind can be exhilarating, and going with a partner or spouse can make it that much better. Breathing deeply of the refreshingly cold mountain air to be able to laugh for the joy of the exercise can be a shared moment both of them will remember for years to come, and it will make it worthwhile to spend their holiday this way every year. They might have been planning this type of holiday for a year or more, and both of them are satisfied it is well worth the investment to share their freedom from everyday life. Couples who love outdoor activities are often happiest hitting the slopes together, and they look forward to an evening spent before a roaring fire so they can review their wonderful day as a couple.

More than cold weather

Couples who choose to take their annual holiday at a mountain resort are often those who enjoy the outdoors, and many of them look forward to skiing in the crisp environment. They are ready for the cold with their gear wrapped tightly around them, but it can be more than cold weather that they will face. A short snow storm that drops a little more powder on the slopes is fine, but a blizzard can turn their holiday together upside down.

The weather moves in

When a winter storm is forecast, it is important to take note of how bad it will be. When the weather moves in, it can be dangerous for those who are unprepared to last it out. It might be wonderful to spend an evening together before a fire in the company of others, but it can be a difficult time for a couple when this is the only heat available. Most modern resorts do their best, but supplies can run thin during a major storm that closes roads and shuts down the power. They might find their cosy holiday turning into a frosty experience.

Leaving early

Many couples will heed the warning to evacuate a dangerous area, but some believe that leaving early is not necessary. They have spent the entire year looking forward to their time together, and they might believe they will simply be able to spend it in the lodge where they booked their room. That lodge might be subject to an avalanche, or it could run out of food, heat and water. For those who choose to stay, it can be a time when they find closeness is important as they huddle under blankets to keep warm.

Weather has always had a huge affect on people, but those who find it keeps them from enjoying their annual holiday are often not aware that cutting short their time at a resort could save their lives. They might believe there will be nothing more than a short inconvenience, but a major blizzard can shut down their holiday completely. Some of them might find they are not as compatible as they thought, but others will discover that adversity has strengthened their relationship.