End of our Holiday

Couples today look forward to their holidays as a way to reconnect with each other in an environment where they can do what they want when they want to do it. They see it as a time when they can relax together, and they can begin to remember why they struggle so hard during the rest of the year. It recharges their batteries for the next year of work, or it can be a time when they renew their love for each other. Most people are sad to see the end of the holiday, but those who experience a hurricane will find it can end sooner than they thought possible.

Watching the forecast

Weather has a way of changing dramatically in nearly every part of the world, so those planning a holiday far from home are often watching the forecast if there is a possible hurricane brewing where they plan to go. They might be able to put aside their concerns if the area they will be in is seldom a target, or they might decide to change their destination. There is no sure way to tell where a hurricane will hit land, so taking a chance the weather will not be too bad is often what couples decide to do.

Hurricane preparation

Many couples choose a tropical location for their big holiday, but few of them are familiar with hurricane preparation. They hotel or inn where they are staying might be in a flood zone, so they could be asked to evacuate. It might not seem like an issue, but finding other lodgings when a massive weather event is ready to arrive can be difficult. They might find there are few rooms left, and sleeping in an area airport might just become their new accommodations. It will do little to help many of them relax together, so learning something about being prepared before they travel would be a good idea.

A sense of adventure

The majority of times when an evacuation order is issued, it is for a limited area. If a couple is not under mandatory evacuation, they might decide to ride out the storm near the shore. Those with a sense of adventure will believe they can watch the wildness of nature without harm, but they could be unaware of how dangerous it can be for them to remain. Aside from the danger, there is always the aftermath of no electricity, water or food available. Their holiday might become stressful as they are forced to try to find these things in an unfamiliar area, or they might be emboldened by helping others.

A restful holiday is something couples often look forward to all during the year, but a massive storm can turn it into a disaster in an instant. Those who choose to leave early might still be able to salvage their peaceful time to reconnect, but the ones who decide to ignore an evacuation order might find they are in the path of destruction. Only their wits and good humor will help them if they are caught in the storm, and it can be a good test of their relationship.